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Assistive Tools and Technology

Assistive Computer & Gaming Technology


Amazon Echo Show - Amazon offers a “show and tell” feature on their Echo Show devices to aid people who are blind or visually impaired to “identify common packaged food goods that are hard to distinguish by touch, such as canned or boxed foods.” Amazon Alexa also has a built-in screen reader tool called “VoiceView”.


Dragon - Dragon is voice dictation software that allows you to control your computer using your voice. You can search the web, write documents, and send/receive emails


Evil Controllers - This link takes you to the search results page for one-handed controllers made by Evil Controllers. These video game controllers have an additional joystick attached that makes it easier to use with one hand. Compatible with PlayStation and Xbox models. 


Maltron Ergonomic Keyboards - Based out of the UK, Maltron offers ergonomic and accessible keyboards for people with a variety of disabilities. Single hand keyboards & head/mouth stick keyboards are a couple options they sell.


The Controller Project - Run by a single person, Caleb Kraft, The Controller Project offers free 3D printed controller accessories to people with disabilities. The creator admits that these are often not perfect solutions, but says that they do make a difference and help those who need accommodation. 


VoiceAttack - Compatible with PC and VR, VoiceAttack is an app that allows you to control your video games with just your voice. Players can create an unlimited number of profiles, which allows the same phrase to be used on different profiles (games) for different purposes. This app can help you launch other applications on your computer as well. 


Xbox Adaptive Controller - Xbox has its own video game controller, made to be used by people with limited mobility. The controller base unit can be connected to various buttons, mounts, or joysticks, so you can customize your controller for the best experience. 

Communication Devices & Tools


Eyegaze Edge - This AAC tool uses a camera at the bottom of the display to track the user's eye movements. This data is then converted into actions which allows people with various disabilities to control a computer using only their eyes. This AAC device is compatible on iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices. There are additional features that let you control your environment from the Eyegaze tablet as well


Screen Reader Tools


American Foundation for the Blind – Braille Displays Comprehensive list of refreshable braille displays


American Foundation for the Blind – Screen Readers Hosts a comprehensive list of screen reader tools for additional resources.


JAWS Ranked the most popular screen reader tool by Perkins School for the Blind and has been available since the 1990s. Has a large userbase and customer support services.


NV Access Free open-source screen reader tool


Mainstream Company Accessibility Pages | Accessibility & Assistive Technology - Amazon’s company accessibility information page. Shows what accessibility services/features they offer, and explains amazon’s accessibility and inclusion initiatives. 


Apple Accessibility Homepage - Apple’s Main Accessibility Page – Some features include: Personal Voice–which records samples of your voice to make a voice that sounds like you; Live Speech–which speaks any text you write to aid people with speech based disabilities; and Live Captions–which “offer real-time transcriptions of speech, audio, and video content”.

​​Google Product Accessibility Homepage  - Googles offers accessibility features across all of their platforms: Android, Chrome, Chromebook, Google Assistant, Home, Maps, and more.

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