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Submission Guidelines

Breath and Shadow

We are always looking for submissions! Please read our guidelines.

Breath & Shadow only accepts work from people with disabilities. We use the term "disability" broadly to encompass anyone who identifies with it. We accept writing from people of all ages. In some cases, editing/revising assistance may be offered.


Breath & Shadow accepts writing on any topic for poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama; these pieces do not have to be "about" disability. However nonfiction, academic, and similar articles (profiles, interviews, opinion pieces) do have to relate to disability in some way.

While Breath & Shadow operates out of the State of Maine, we accept submissions from anywhere!

  • We accept all forms of poetry, with a limit of 2 poems per submission. In addition to written work, poets may also submit links to performances of their work.

  • All forms/genres of fiction are accepted, with a maximum of 3000 words. Book excerpts are considered, but they should stand on their own.

  • All forms of nonfiction is accepted, with a maximum of 3000 words. We are interested in opinion pieces, interviews, reviews, and more! Please contact us if you have an idea you want to write about but aren't sure if it's right for us!

  • Keep in mind our name and focus: Breath and Shadow. We're particularly seeking work that speaks to living, inspiration, imagination, spirit, expiration, endings, movement of time, shadow sides, hiddenness, mystery, darkness, and casting new light on your subject.

We are not interested in inspirational stories of people "overcoming" their disability, or simply coming to terms with it.

We tend to shy away from sing-songy ‘Hallmark card’ type poems. Same goes for medical articles, stories about cures or miracle treatments, or religious agendas.

Send all submissions to!


The following should be included in your submission: Your contact information, a brief third person biography (we encourage you to link to your other work or personal website/social media!), and a brief indication of your disabilities.

We encourage submission of fresh, original work, although we will consider previously published work. When submitting, please indicate where/when the piece was previously published.


$25 per Poem (max 2)
$40 for Fiction and Nonfiction

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