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Ivy Quigley, the Web Manager of Ability Maine. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, dark red lipstick, and a black pair of glasses.

Ivy Quigley
Web Manager

Ivy is a Comorbidly Disordered Transfeminine activist with knee and spinal traumas. She does her best to raise up queer and disabilities communities by organizing safe spaces and events, doing outreach, educating about and protesting against discrimination, and by creating queer media. She strives to bring intersectionality to all her efforts. Her passions include nonfiction studies, creative writing, game design, and destigmatizing mental illness. She is currently the web manager for Ability Maine and Mindful Queer Collective.

Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds, a Reporter for Ability Maine. He's sitting in his wheelchair in a sunny park.

Mike Reynolds has been a web wrangler and writer for Ability Maine since 2009. He currently writes the majority of Ability Maine's news content. Mike's interests and the scope of his writing are wide-ranging. He profiles members of Maine's disability community, covers news items of relevance to people with disabilities, and reports on his own or others' activism for social justice in Maine or around the country. Recently, Mike's expose on UCP of Maine sparked outrage and was likely the impetus for important changes in the organization. Have a story idea, news tip, or interest in being profiled on Ability Maine? Mike can be reached at

Chris Kuell, the Editor in Chief of Breath and Shadow. He's siting in a chair with one knee folded over his other. He's wearing a t-shirt bearing the logo of People Understanding Blindness.

Chris Kuell
"Breath & Shadow" Editor in Chief

Chris Kuell is a blind writer, editor, and advocate. In addition to editing Breath & Shadow, he edits The Federationist, the newsletter of the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut. He is the president of his local NFB chapter, serves on the NFB of Conn., board of directors, as well as on the board of directors of BESB, the Connecticut state agency for the blind. His articles, essays, and stories have appeared in a number of literary, and some not-so-literary publications. He may be contacted at

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