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Winter 2022 Issue of Breath & Shadow Available Now!

Issue 1 of Volume 19 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"I Am the Tornado" by Kate Meyer-Currey

-"Goblin Economics" by Dawn Vogel

-"Mailtime" By Kyle E. Miller -"The Body As Disposable" by Hannah Soyer

-"After" by Katie Kent

-"Abolition of Touch" by Cali Linfor

-"Sunset" by Susan Eve Haar

-"Wishes" by Frances Koziar

-"My Weakness is Breathing" by Natascha Graham

-"The Tulips Come Back" by Ann Chiappetta

-"FutureFest 2024" by Erika Jahneke

-"Stirring Memories" by Kathleen Grieger

-"Through The Dark" by Stella Peg Carruthers

-"A Ward Against the Graeae" and "From The Drowned" by Lorraine Schein

We also have three fresh publications by our contributors in our New on The Bookshelf!


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