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Relaunching Ability Maine & Breath and Shadow

Hello, everyone!

You may have noticed some changes here at Ability Maine. We have been overhauling and modernizing the resources one page at a time to bring this project into the present. A lot of love is being funneled into getting everything refreshed and updated. With that in mind, please report any issues you come across to us so we can address them!!! There is a lot of content to fix up here, and we are a very small team doing our best, so your help is always appreciated.

In other good news, we will also be relaunching Breath and Shadow very soon with Ivy Quigley taking on the mantle of Editor. Due to the tragic and sudden passing of Chris Kuell, the previous Editor, we lost access to the old email address along with all prior communications and accounts tied to it for the entire history of the publication. This is a devastating position to rebuild from, but it’s time to get Breath and Shadow up and running again so we can honor Chris and those that came before him. For now, we will be taking submissions through the Contact Form. If you had previous important communications about publications with Chris that still need following up on, please forward those emails to We have heard from a couple of people who were supposed to be in the next Breath and Shadow, and we want to honor this as best as possible!

Thank you for your time and patience with us as we recover from this loss and make the most of Breath and Shadow as well as Ability Maine. We hope you enjoy all the changes, and keep posted for more updates!


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