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Breath & Shadow

Spring 2022 - Vol. 19, Issue 2

New On the Bookshelf

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My MS Journey: A Memoir by Judith Krum

In My MS Journey: Recalculating, Judith Krum presents a memoir that follows the many twists and turns of her living with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as the many other challenges she has faced. The reader will come to understand what it takes to be a disability rights advocate as well as a person who adapts to living a vulnerable life as a person with a disability. Throughout her life she has had a successful teaching career, a burgeoning writing career, many travel experiences, and a love of words, communication, and crafts of all sorts. Her memoir is filled with realistic descriptions, emotional commentary, historic context, as well as grief, loss, hope and humor. She began life as a TAB (temporarily able-bodied) person who finds herself now a person with a disability, a member of that club which anyone can join at any time,

Leaf Memories: A book of poetry and photos by Carol Farnsworth

I have always loved walking in the woods. I usually explore with my husband or daughter to act as a sighted guide. They find flora for me to touch.  When I had some vision, they would point out fauna—a deer, or a bird taking flight. At those times, I was lucky to see the white of a retreating deer or hear the sound of wings in flight.

When I became totally blind, I developed my senses of touch, hearing, smell, and taste to see the world. I incorporated visual memories to complete the picture.

I wrote this chapbook of poems after I lost my sight. I found there are many ways to enjoy nature, such as using your hands to explore, along with your other senses.

From Leonore Dvorkin, editor of Leaf Memories:

The poems are arranged according to the seasons of the year, starting with summer. They mainly tell of the author’s appreciation of the beauty of nature and her concern for the environment and wildlife.

44 pages. Cover image, full synopsis, author bio, direct buying links, and free text sample:

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