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Breath & Shadow

Spring 2022 - Vol. 19, Issue 2

"Waugoshance Light House"

written by

Carol Farnsworth

On a flat slate grey rock,

sixteen miles off land,

stands a crumbling relic.

Her blue / white prism light,

has protected ships from the shoals.

Built strong ,

with iron rods encased in bricks,

under sheeting of grey steel,

She has withstood fall gales for over 170 years.

The light keeper's home and boat launch, have long succumbed to rising waters.

But the birdcage topped light

is defiant in the storms.

The grey /blue waters cover a graveyard

of 17 ships and their crews. The smoke of Chicago burning, obscured the light that could have saved them.

In WWII, she was targeted for bomber practice,

causing her iron skirting to slip into the watery grave.

Now she leans like an old woman looking over the lake.

Knowing the next icy wave could topple her

She will slip off her perch to disappear for good.

Better a quick death then to linger.

may no man see her fall.

Carol Farnsworth has published a Chapbook, Leaf Memories. She is a regular contributor to The Blind Perspective and Newsreel audio Magazine. Her poetry has appeared in the Avocet, Magnets and Ladders, The Plum Tree Tavern and Spirit Fire Review. In addition to writing, Carol felts knitted animals, cooks and tends a container garden. Carol and her Husband John have been a tandem cycling team for 20 years. They ride rails to trails enjoying nature.

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