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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2022 - Vol. 19, Issue 4

New On The Bookshelf

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Breath & Shadow

"Lost In Sight" by Eve Rifkah

Silver Bow Publishing

Lost in Sight is a compilation of poems written by Rifkah over the past twenty-five or so years. Many have been published in various journals such as Breath and Shadow.

The overall themes are of lost, art, historic events along with the totally fictional.

Books can be ordered through Rifkah’s website.

"Voices from the Inside" by Denise Noe

Self-published as an ebook on amazon.

The ebook feature correspondence with such infamous criminals as Charles Manson, Centennial Park Bomber Eric Rudolph, Lawrence "Pliers" Bittaker, David Berkowitz, and Moors Murderer Ian Brady. There are also letters from Pam Smart, currently in the news because her pleas for mercy were rejected by the New Hampshire executive council. There are letters from Betty Broderick, Nanette Packard Johnson, and Renee Nicely. Perhaps the most unusual case represented is that of William Hetherington, the first man ever sentenced under the recently created crime of spousal rape.

"Lady Anarchist Café" by Lorraine Schein

“Welcome to THE LADY ANARCHIST CAFÉ, where ‘the occult and the everyday intermingle.’ It’s a phantasmic feminist space, where you can spot Dorothy from THE WIZARD OF OZ, Emma Goldman, the Bronte sisters and a host of other luminaries. The poems and stories in this visionary collection are by turns satiric, playful, utopian, psychedelic and gritty.” ― Elaine Equi, poet

“There is no one like Lorraine Schein ― wondrous, elliptical, infused with delight. Only Lorraine would observe that on the Lower East Side the rabbis and the punks and everyone in between all wore black. Only Lorraine could resurrect the genius of Charles Fort simply by herding together flashes of mystery from THE BOOK OF THE DAMNED. Like Fort, she doesn’t so much destroy reality as liberate it, an anarchy of wonder infused with the pleasures of the strange.” ― Rachel Pollack, author of The Beatrix Gates

"The Ruin of Eleanor Marx" by Mark A. Murphy

‘The Ruin of Eleanor Marx ‘is absolutely riveting. I doubt that if I were to read a standard biography of Eleanor Marx, I would experience the depth of emotional resonance that I have felt with this book. I also doubt I would come away from such a biography with the degree of understanding and empathy for the subject, as I have with this extraordinary collection.

Mark A. Murphy’s evocative, and compassionate telling of Eleanor Marx’s life and final 'ruin', has produced a poetry collection that is of historic, artistic, and philosophical significance. This book deserves to go viral. -- Paul Dononhoe

Mark A. Murphy has written, with deep empathy, a moving collection of poetry illuminating Eleanor Marx’s life.

These daring poems could be the early women’s movement writ small—a trailblazer who defiantly announces: “I am a Jewess” in solidarity with striking factory workers, a published author, teacher, and well-known Socialist activist in her own right.

Karl Marx’s youngest daughter, “Tussy” emerges in poems that are pitch-perfect/ devastatingly told, wry, witty and tender. Yet, Eleanor Marx relentlessly subjugated her own needs, first to her ailing mother, then to her father, and finally to a caddish married lover.  We race with her through the calamitous late 1800s; we see her in thrall and in disillusionment.

The Ruin of Eleanor Marx is a visionary work from one of the finest poets writing today. --Trish Suanders › the-ruin-of-eleanor-marx-b...

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