"Blade of Grief"

Written By

Annette Gagliardi

The sword of sorrow

has pierced me through.

Its aim was pure,

the arrow true,

I am so weary

as I gaze at you

knowing our time together

is almost through.

This sorrow’s edge-

a blade most strong

will wait for no one,

yet remains so long.

It holds me close

not letting go,

gives a daily dose

of grief’s marrow.

The razor’s blade

slices me well,

leaves me cold

just where I fell.

Its steel is honed

to a fine degree

and it will be

the end of me.

Annette is a Minneapolis based poet and president of the Mississippi Valley Poets, a chapter of the League of Minnesota Poets. She is an eclectic writer, hosting an author website and posts weekly, writing children’s books, novels and poetry. Coping with IBS and life-long depression, she continues to push herself to grow with creative challenges in order to live in the moment and explore the profundities of life among people.3

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