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Breath & Shadow

A Quarterly Publication on Disability Culture and Literature

Written and Edited by People with Disabilities

Poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, drama, and other writing that examines the human experience of living with disability — in every single issue.

Personhood in the land of disability can and should be presented in its multiplicity. Our journal showcases writing by people with disabilities in all its power, complexity, and breadth. We believe in cross-disability representation — that building a disability culture and aesthetic is enriched by (and indeed, requires) the inclusion of all people with disabilities.

Sophocles described people as "but breath and shadow, nothing more."

"Breath" and "Shadow" each identify universal experiences: all people breathe, all people cast shadows — regardless of abilities, appearances, or other traits. These concepts are evocative of the focus of the literature we publish.

Breathing is the cycle of intake and creation.

Shadow is the distortion of self created behind that cast into light. As people with disabilities, we are often seen in a light that relegates so much of our truths to the shadows.


With Breath in mind, we reflect on inspiration, expiration, and the humanity of our experience — a humanity that is full, real, and whole. With the knowledge of Shadow, we shine light on the experience of disability while exploring the darkness of our realities.

Breath & Shadow is a project of Resources for Organizing and Social Change.

ROSC is a nonprofit organization committed to peace and justice through community organizing and coalition building. Breath & Shadow receives funding through ROSC; small grants from disability, arts, and other organizations; and private donations from small businesses, nonprofits, and people like you. Your contributions keep us going.

In this difficult economy, where funding for the arts and for services and support for people with disabilities are increasingly limited, your assistance is especially important to Breath & Shadow. Your donation, in any amount, makes a real difference.

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