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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2019 - Vol. 16, Issue 1


written by

Nessma A. Elssawy

The quiet waves outside my window seem more marvelous than usual tonight.
Like a beautiful stranger, approaching after a long night of self-absorbance and

From my skin to my shoes, I'm made of nature, yet I've failed to become one with it.
Something keeps pushing me away, like the current that won't let me touch this bed of

I envy nature. I envy its beautiful features that don't depend on my catastrophes to
function, that keep on going despite my sins.

I envy the colors of the universe that fascinate me, and at the same time, drag me to my
world where sin is the sun. Where pain never ceases to visit.

Sometimes disguised in a message or a call. Other times, the shameless visitor has a

Any minute now, all my aches will erupt, and the beauty of the waves will soon be

Nessma A. Elssawy is a Middle Eastern ESL teacher. She has short stories published in
several small magazines and ezines. Her most recent are THE CIRCLE, a time travel
fantasy, and MISSION HONEYMOON, a romantic sci-fi in the Monkey Collection
Anthology, VII, last November.

Nessma has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and she believes writing helps
keeping Low episodes at bay more than Klonopin ever does.

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