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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2019 - Vol. 16, Issue 1

"Deep the Rain Falls"

written by

Elizabeth Devine

Puddles ripple.
Light shines from
occupied windows.
Silhouettes pantomime.

couples walk,
elbows linked,
shoes wet.

Bars close.
Crowds thin.
Bands disburse.
Patrons shamble home.

The silence is a song
of sleeping birds,
their young tucked
under wing.

A pianist sits
in an empty theater
and into a tune,
hides a memory:

of a couple eating together,

talking animatedly,
about a pregnancy that would
end in a car crash.

A writer drops his pen,
and through his window,
watches the moon fragment
on a river rippling under the bridge.

He leans over a half-written page
with heavy breaths,
grips his chest,

deep the rain falls.

Elizabeth Ann Devine is an author, poet, and entrepreneur with PTSD and ADHD.
When she's not traveling the U.S. getting professionally dropped on her head as a
wrestler or digging up dinosaur bones where there's nothing to eat but dirt, she's hiding in her basement smoking too much weed and plotting the end of everything.

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