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Breath & Shadow

Summer 2016 - Vol. 13, Issue 3

"The Space Between"

written by

Jane Ammon

"The Space Between"

Written By

Jane Ammon

hearing and silence

is where I live.

It’s lonely here,

yet I know I’m not alone.

Words I search for,

Sounds I think I know,

Voices I cannot register fully.

Signs I see,

Gestures I feel,

Cues I understand,

Lips I read and

Faces I seek.

Eyes who show me,

Bodies who tell me,

Pauses who allow me...


In the space

between loudly silent and

silently loud.

I live here.

Jane Ammon is a listener who photographs and writes to be heard. She has been published in SnapDragon: A Journal of Art and Healing. She exhibited her photography and writing in a solo gallery show titled "The Clothes They Came To Us In" in 2014. She lives in PA with her husband, two children and their cat, Kona.

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