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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2013 - Vol. 10, Issue 4

"Life’s Friends" and "Differences"

written by

Carol Mackey

"Life's Friends"


You have walked in my shoes,

the festering blister,

the too tight arch.


Nothing is solid

and space is a fog.


The birds have no voices,

dogs do not bark.


Inside there is darkness

with nowhere to go.


Words get all twisted

and numbers undone.


You have walked in my shoes.




Our differences

are so many, yet so few,

seen from where we stand.


The view is slanted,

with inner hues distorting

what you see of me.


Look on the outside,

my skin is black, yours is white,

our days end with night.


I like spicy beef,

you may be a strict Vegan.

We both have to eat.


The roof over head

may be canvas or rich wood,

the rain is still wet.


If we were to move,

and sit in the other's chair,

what differences.

Though she is visually impaired, Carol Mackey finds inspiration for her poetry everywhere. From baking to sea winds, Street names to country fairs, any and all have magic. Carol lives in Southern Maine with her husband, three cats and her horse, Liam.

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