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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2009 - Vol. 6, Issue 3


written by

Azure R Angelus

This faulty rhythm cycles through my body

I have staggered with it always

When I was an unnumbered child

It was the tick-tock of the clock

That reminded me with each notch of noise

How awake I was through passing increments


These days, the time is uniform

Glowing some neon colour with precision

Having evolved past the need for hands

These digital numbers flicker by

Without a sound

Making the pass of time liquid

Each minute giving away with a smooth drip

I can no longer keep track

Seconds, minutes, hours

All become meaningless

A silent leak falling somewhere far from me

No longer able to impact the air

Granting nothing substantial to my ear

I've stopped believing it exists

Time is a myth to be filed away

Azure R. Angelus lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She is disabled due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type III, which causes chronic pain. She has been previously published in OffKILTer Review and Pine River Anthology. Visit her website here. She can be reached at

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