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Breath & Shadow

March 2008 - Vol. 5, Issue 1


written by

Louie Crew



at a steal. Massive living rooms,

with built–in pipe organs, stained

glass windows, vaulted ceilings,

fonts, excellent reading stands, at

least one high table, with banquet

seating possible, and assorted ce–

lebrity chairs. Dressing rooms and

toilets attached. We have several

thousand such domiciles in all pe–

riods and styles at prime locations

both down– town and in the sub–

urbs. Statuary and murals includ–

ed. Fine linen and plate sold sepa–

rately. Easily modified without

regard to the creator's intentions.

Only one owner for nearly 2,000

years: has now returned to the

streets. Make an offer. Contact:

Jaweh, Housing Department, Ec–


Louie Crew, 71, is the author of 1,868 published poems and essays. He is an emeritus professor at Rutgers University and lives in East Orange, NJ, with his husband of 34 years, Ernest Clay.

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