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Humor Columns by Sharon Wachsler


Regular readers of AbilityMaine are familiar with Sharon Wachsler's monthly humor and commentary essays. Since February 2002, Sharon has been cracking up readers with revelations about how to sleep defensively, why she believes President Bush has ADD, and what voters with disabilities can do to influence politics (watch more TV). Sharon's topics range from training her service dogs not to injure her, finding a PCA who doesn't threaten suicide, and communicating with doctors in their native language, medicalese. She also throws in the occasional non-disability related humor topic (menstrual "pads" the size of mattresses, chipmunks behind stoves, revenge fantasies against childhood bullies) just to keep her audience guessing.

With the advent of Breath & Shadow, Sharon has had to reduce the frequency of her humor and commentary columns, although they will still appear occasionally on the pages of the online journal. Sharon is working on compiling her columns and cartoons into a book. If you're interested on getting on a mailing list for when the book will be ready, please email Sharon at SickHumor2@aol.com and let her know. Also, if you have a preference for a book on tape, a spiral-bound book, or a regular paperback, tell her that, too. As always, Sharon welcomes your feedback on Breath & Shadow.

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