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Breath & Shadow Summer 2019 Issue is Here!

Issue 3 of Volume 16 is now available to read here!

This issue features:

-"Bullet-Holes" by Geraldine Fernandez -"Twenty-Six Is Just Around the Corner" by SJ Bernstein

-"Worldly Possessions" by Alison Gerhard -"Paging Dr. Crusher" by Meriah Crawford

-"Cityscape Dreams" by Ariana Hoelscher

-"The Boy Who Wanted to Be Hitler" by Douglas Kolacki

-"A Phoenix Has Risen" by Jimmie R. Pennington

-"Snowplow Epiphany" by Rick Blum

-"WWBD--(What Would Buffy Do)?" by Kara Dorris

-"Grand Mal" and "Mandala" by Maluma

-"Circle of Silence" by Glynis Scrivens

-"To Hekate" by Lorraine Schein

-Several entries New on the Bookshelf!

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