Breath & Shadow Fall 2018 Issue is Here!

November 14, 2018


Issue 4 of Volume 15 is now available to read here!


This issue features:


-"Understanding Passion and Passionate Understanding: A Book Review" by Denise Noe

-"Priorities" by Edward Turner

-"The Artist’s Domain" by John Kaniecki

-"Bartering for Health" by Wendy Kennar

-"A Rock And A Hard Place" by Brian Koukol

-"Lost Hope" and "Museum of Distractions" by Wesley Sims

-"Invisible, Visual" by Mercedes Zapata

-"Ask the Moon" by Susan M. Silver

-"Kryptonite" by Ocean

-"The Unraveling" by Allison Guitard

-"Threads of Ugliness" by Hilary Boyer

-"Your Father, The Writer: An Exercise in Deus Ex Machina" by Bob Thurber

-"Starbreaker" by Lee Todd Lacks

New on the Bookshelf:

-"A Certain Loneliness" by Sandra Gail Lambert
-"A Journey to Glory" by Mark Cornell​
-"Julia and the Moonbirds" by Mark Cornell

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