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Breath & Shadow 2016 Issues Remastered!

Check out all four remastered issues of Volume 13!

Winter features: -"Lessons from the Gimp Ghetto" by Heidi Johnson-Wright -"After the ER Waiting Out a Storm in a Trailer" by Kitty Eppard

-"Seeking the Seal" by Katy Wimhurst -"The Special Ed Teacher Collects Dead Mice" by Aleph Altman-Mills Seven

-"Lessons I’m Learning from the Ocean" by Wendy Kennar

-"Time Well Spent" by Emily Dorffer -"Set", "Uncover", and "Dead Fly" by Crimson Blackstone -"The River Voice" by Madeleine Parish -"Green Tongues" by Louie Crew Clay -"Romans Angry About the Inner World -And I Have Felt It" by Lynda McKinney Lambert Read Winter 2016 here! Spring features: -"Baptism" by Linda A. Cronin

-"Mutability" and "New Mexico" by Mark A. Murphy

-"Crushed" by Douglas Kolacki

-"Mental Illness And The Positives of Labeling" by Denise Noe

-"Neurodivergency" and "Mastectomy" by Jessica Goody

-"A Memory of Flowers" by Sandra M. Odell

-"Many Nights in ’76" by Lee Todd Lacks

-"Cisalpine Gaul" by Mark Cornell

-"The Raising of Lazarus" by Ada Hoffmann

-"Fishhook" by Joanne Rixon

-"Will I Remember" by Emily Hart

-"Expanding and Contracting Worlds: A Review" by Chris Kuell Read Spring 2016 here! Summer features:

-"The Loose Palace of Exile" by John Thomas Allen -"Schizophrenic Meadow" by Todd Hanks -"Helping Granpa Eat" by Edward M. Turner -"This Body, Inheritance" by Hayley Mitchell Haugen -"Distractions" by Diane Baumer -"Sonata" by Ana Garza G’z -"The Space Between" by Jane Ammon -"Companions" by Nina Fosati -"Three Tanka" by Sergio Ortiz -"One Of Those Days" by C. Borden -"Concierge" by Freedom Chevalier -"Blinded by Communism: A Review" by Chris Kuell Read Summer 2016 here! Fall features:

-"The Girl", "After The Long Dry Spell", and "New Dress" by Rachael Z. Ikins -"Three Word Memoir" by Izabela Jeremus -"Before the Diagnosis", "t6", and "Love Letters Series Poem V" By Heather Ace Ratcliff -"Budding" by Michelle Zhuang -"At The Expense of Joy: Human Rights Violations Against Human Beings with Autism Via Applied -Behavioral Analysis" by Dr. Kelly Levinstein -"Grandma’s Closet" by Jennifer Gifford -"The Boy" by Edward M. Turner -"Black Kripple: Review and Interview" by Erika Jahneke -"Willowbrook" by Jessica Goody -"My Cup Runneth Over- Not" by Anakalia

-"Time and Music" by Dorothy Baker Read Fall 2016 here! Keep an eye out for further updates as we continue upgrade our offerings <3

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