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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2022 - Vol. 19, Issue 1

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Breath & Shadow

A Landscaped Garden For The Addict by Judith Skillman

Shanty Arts, 96 pages

In A Landscaped Garden for the Addict award-winning poet Judith Skillman explores themes of addiction, chronic pain, and disability. The book is divided into five sections, each interlaced with existential dilemmas encompassing war, mortality, invalidism, and trauma. While the subject matter is dark, there is no pathos. Instead, points of light recur as images of Dutch rabbits, horses, robins, clover, ivy, and stars.

Available at all online booksellers!

Refugees From America by Robin Dunn

New Meridian Arts, 196 pages

Refugees from America is an evocative journey through blurred worlds of madness and therapy; this version of the air-conditioned nightmare manages to be satirical and harrowing and moving, all at the same time, a tour de force.

Available online: Amazon.

March Of Madness: A Journey Into Depression by Jim Pennington

Dreaming Big Publishing,158 pages

Taken from the pages of the author's personal journals, MARCH OF MADNESS: A Journey Into Depression reflects the dark and often tormented days he experienced while battling depression. The book transcribes the dark poetry and journal entries from those pages, with his own reflection of dealing with those emotions.

Throughout the book the many poems and intimate journal entries reveal the darkness, emptiness, confusion and sadness which he battled for so long. This is a deeply personal account of one man's battle with an all too familiar disease.

Available from Amazon:

March of Madness: A Journey Into Depression

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