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Breath & Shadow

Summer 2021 - Vol. 18, Issue 3

"Reunion 100"

written by

Shawn Jacobson

Gathering for their 100th reunion

Of the last class from the Braille school

students returned in marvelous ways.

Some graduates returned from the stars

Riding beams of multicolored lights.

With resplendent glory they arrived

Bearing tales for places beyond sight

and bringing exotic gifts from beyond.

Scoffers said blind guys could not ride

A light beyond their perceptive skill.

Such uncanny doings defied belief

An assault on given insight, what could be.

These scoffers were compelled to confront the folly of their doubts rooted in ignorance

For the flight of these students testified to the mastery of the light on which they flew.

But why should such journeys be uncanny

When we travel through life with unseen things,

The skill that coders breathe into machines,

Wings on which our prayers ascend,

The laws that call forth nature to give us life.

All of us voyage by light we do not see; and journey by invisible truth. After the reunion blind travelers mount the light to seek out new adventures, new discoveries.

Who knows what starry knowledge they will gain, what wisdom they will earn among the stars?

I wish to be a party to these heavenly voyages to know the skills needed to ride the cosmic light.

That I too might learn to soar into the future

To understand the wisdom of invisible things.

Shawn Jacobson attended the Iowa School for the blind until his senior year. He then obtained two degrees from Iowa State University. He worked for the Federal government for the past 38 years. He lives in Maryland with his wife, son, and two dogs.

His daughter lives in Baltimore.

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