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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2021 - Vol. 18, Issue 4


written by

C. A. Francis

People stare, then weep.

Gently, they place their hands on me,

I absorb their sorrow.

I remember them…

their boredom, laughter, and love.

Fright, terror, anger.


I felt the impact.

The jarring screech of metal.

Striking me.

Tearing through me.

The stench of gas and oil.

Fear and blood.

The blistering heat.

The pits of hell had come.

I groaned. Shuddered. Shook.

Dust and smoke exploded.


All surrendered…

I too submitted.

With black smoke belching

I crumbled…

taking all with me.

We lost our form that day

and became rubble.

When C.A. Francis isn't writing poetry and short fiction, she loves to travel. She spends her time between the pasture lands of Nebraska and the deserts of Arizona.  She always looks for writing inspiration within everyday happenings.

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