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Breath & Shadow

Spring 2020 - Vol. 17, Issue 2

New on the Bookshelf

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Songs From The Back Row

by Doug May

"Absolutely pure, honest, illuminating poems that reach the depths of experience and transcend the sky. Doug May conveys the quivering surprise of truth in sharply crafted language, sharing a narrative that morphs the mind and heart. These poems elevate the spirit to a profound empathy. I will learn from them forever." -Sheila E. Murphy, Poet

Doug May has been treated for ADD, behavioral issues and depression.  As a child he received a great deal of academic tutoring geared to his abilities (including piano lessons), and eventually earned a GED and went on to college.  He has worked many entry level and unskilled jobs—everything from proofreading children’s books and data bases to stocking shelves, driving a delivery truck, moving furniture, selling music, emptying bedpans and performing at NCO clubs in a rock and roll cover band.  He is currently retired and working on a memoir about his experiences as a differently abled American.

Published by the Uncollected Press/Raw Art Review.

Steel Bars, Sacred Waters: Celtic Paganism for Prisoners 

by Heather Awen

An "all-in-one" pan-Celtic polytheist resource of cosmology, deities, virtues, history, rituals, meditations, magic and the future of Celtic Paganism, rooted in scholarly research. One of only three full-size books for incarcerated Pagans, Steel Bars, Sacred Waters also fulfills the need for a Celtic Reconstructionist derived book on ALL the Celtic cultures across Europe and Turkey throughout thousands of years.

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Part of our mission at Breath and Shadow is to promote the work of writers with disabilities. In this section, we highlight a few titles written by people who have contributed work to our journal.

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