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"God's Eyes"

Written By

Venetia Sjogren

I have difficulty sleeping nights

while the city slumbers

these old bones and damaged nerves

ache from a myriad of disabling hurts

so I sit in my bay window

ensconced in a warming quilt

enraptured by the glow of lights against the midnight sky

I think

there is a silent beauty unmatched and not remarked on

by Helios lovers

no bright, luminescent shimmering

to gild and adorn the day-walkers

a beauty where black can be beautiful and white is unseen

when night shadows and blurs the edges

softening sagging outlines, wrinkled crevasses and assaulted nerves

in this inky blackness

and God's eyes

I am beautiful, whole and at peace

Venetia Sjogren is a 61 year old, disabled grandmother living with end stage kidney failure, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, an Afro-Latina, a borderline atheist and humanist. She delights in non-tribalistic and apolitical behavior. She is a pot-stirrer. One could even call her a militant abuelita. Venetia attempts to write words of thunder. Sometimes she succeeds, often she fails. She loves reading, rather indiscriminately as her books range from Sci-Fi to survival skills to Anthropology. She hates peas, anything hazelnut and okra. I know, I know - she is a flipping screwball. Some of her publication credits include Poets Against the War, Jersey Works, and Howard University’s The Amistad, The Cristell Writing Contests - The Book Lovers Haven, Wordgathering.

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