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Breath & Shadow

Summer 2019 - Vol. 16, Issue 3

"A Phoenix Has Risen"

written by

Jimmie R. Pennington

Molded of ancient earth this mystical birth.


Within faint flickers of fiery whispers;


Now crying chants -- "Arise - Arise."


Renewed eyes; staring, squinting through


The blue-gray mists of untouched dawn.


Waking; searching; where beyond lies the




In that realm; tomorrow awaits the birth-


ling; this child of renewal.


The forgotten fire of yesterday; ignites


the dead cold embers of forlorn thought.


Then from within those cold embers renewed;


A blaze --- A phoenix has risen


from the ashes of oppression, refusing


to yield to greed and obsession.


Gallant; this new birth at one with new


self; risen above now, beyond torrid past.


Stately creature spreads new found wings,


and sings the melody of freedoms song,


Lost for so long. With birth of new day


Painful yesterday slithers away, and


Gentle winged birth of freedom rises;


Rises to open sky, to fly.


On crest of summer breeze;


Life below slows to ease.


The words of the procrastinators


Fall to deaf ears, where now flow silent


tears. Thought; that gentle thought,


Valiantly has fought; and upon


Winged steed has conquered the oppressor.


Now weary days of weighted past


lie dead at last, and this phoenix


born anew; has risen beyond oppression.


Beyond indecision, from belief, from


thought, from sweet Mother Earth


comes now; sweet rebirth.

(Previously published in Literary Orphans online magazine, 2013)

Jimmie Pennington is a writer and self-taught artist from Kentucky.

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