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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2019 - Vol. 16, Issue 4

"Drown" and "Create"

written by

Elizabeth Devine




Twist yourself into little


Pretzel circles and


Dunk your head under the sea



Breathe deep the salty goodness


Until your tongue swells


And drown for me.



I’ll lift you by the hair, let water drip


From your vacant stare


And when I run my tongue over your skin


  It will taste    like tears.



Note – first appeared in the 2012 spring issue of Mused: Bella Online Literary Journal.







                        that gulp


            in space.


The margins.


                        don’t flow right.


Futures over rocks,


            bubbling from caves,


            blinding, bending,




                        jagged songs,


            sun in crystals.


                        There’s more magic


the deeper you go,


            the less you try


                        to direct


your flow.

Elizabeth Devine is a disabled poet, author, and film maker who lives on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, tucked away in the woods in a log cabin with some chickens who keep her company when not trying to eat her and the love of her life who she can luckily say the same about.

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