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Breath & Shadow

Spring 2019 - Vol. 16, Issue 2

"Coffee Veins"

written by

Isabelle Kenyon

I don’t wake airbrushed or angelic,

no Special K routine or pearly whites -

just a quiet grumble and a dinosaur- squeak stretch

from my fingertips to my toes: taut.


Heavy-lidded, heavy-limbed

coffee passes slowly, half osmosis,

pupils peeping into the world with that gentle caffeine,

drip, drip.

Isabelle Kenyon is the author of This is not a Spectacle, Micro chapbook, The Trees Whispered (Origami Poetry Press) and Digging Holes to Another Continent (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York). She is the editor of Fly on the Wall Press, a small press for charitable anthologies. Her poems have been published in poetry anthologies such as The Road to Clevedon Pier. She has had poems published in literary journals such as Eunoia Review, FoxTrott Uniform, Mojave Heart Review, The Blue Nib, The Pangolin Review, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Eskimo Pie, Scrittura, Anti - Heroin Chic, Bewildering Stories and Literary Yard. Check out her website for more information!

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