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Breath & Shadow

Summer 2018 - Vol. 15, Issue 3

"ἡμικρανία (hēmikranía)"

written by

Robin M. Eames

my headache is the ocean too vast

to catch in my hands spilling over

my pale fingertips all hued in blue

streaming from bruise-purpled eyes

a torrent of writhing sea foam agony

wave upon crashing ceaseless wave

roaring through dusk and day until

by sheer magnitude the deafening

echo becomes utter muffled silence

in night-dark depths the weight of

the world sinking slowly over me

a crushing pressure blotting out all

hope of song or sense or reason or

mercy or myth leaving blackened

blotching nothing whose borders

are licked by flame and occasional

pulsing flash of lightning lashing

out against vulnerable brain matter

pinkish gray and white mussel-soft

hoping to make it through the storm

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