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Breath & Shadow

Summer 2017 - Vol. 14, Issue 3

"A Thought"

written by

Anaïs Verhoeven

I dream of travel

Of tunnels moving to cut through

The depths of air.

In these tunnels, I hear voices

Twisting like eels in an open sky

and they all say

The exact same thing: "Hurry"


I dream I am a witch

Hunting for milkweed with

Black cat companions

Darting between my skirts.

I pinch blooming yew between

My scraped and dirty knees

And take to air, to sky, to open void


I dream I am a victim

Body's skin curdled like sour milk

A bloody taste that persists

Between meals, when I do eat

It is little to nothing and mostly just air.

My hands shaking like autumn leaves

In november, just barely grasping.


I dream I am two twin stars

Circling each other with identical dances We are turning the broken material of our birth into children.

I am a binary star system, bright siblings Caught in a blind trance Infatuated with each other’s light.


I dream I am a prophet

Turning scripture in my hands

Running sightless eyes across words

That only my fingertips can read.

My preaching is a feast to devour

And people catch my hands against

Their lips, tasting clay on my palm.


I dream I am in love

With a God who still exists

But has gotten smaller as He is forgotten.

I bow my body to His Holiness,

Kiss neglected wounds

And worship the broken tilt

Of His loney star strewn body.


I dream I am an astronaut

My bare feet are mist above alien soil

I'm following behind you in love

With the foreign moon of your eye.

The sky is blanketed by a gradient of pink And blue and green, bright with stars.

I chase you across the galaxy, laughing

Anaïs is a 19 year old college student majoring in psychology and biology. They live with their partner in a tiny run-down apartment with their two cockatiels, Romeo and Oberon. Anaïs enjoys obscure memes, fancy pigeons, and social activism. They can found at

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