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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2017 - Vol. 14, Issue 4

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Breath & Shadow

"Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow" edited by Chris Kuell

In this collection we present the best writing from the magazine’s first twelve years. These essays, poems and short stories shine a light on the many gifts, ideas, and voices of writers who are disabled—although not all of the pieces are disability related. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this anthology go back into Breath and Shadow, helping us to reach a wider and more diverse audience, as well as increasing our writers compensation. 

Contributors include Sandra Lambert, Sarah Rizzuto, Rachael Ikins, Susan M. Silver, Abigail Astor, David Bolt,Amy Krout-Horn, Anne Chiappetta, Lizz Schumer, Madeleine Parish, Amit Parmessur, Erika Jahneke, Rick Blum, Denise Noe, Sergio Ortiz, Kari Pope Turner, A.K. Duvall, and others.

"Tripping the Tale Fantastic: Weird Fiction By Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers"
edited by Christopher John Heuer

From haunted Civil War battlefields to a severed ear discovered on a nightly run; from lab-grown dinosaurs to forest creatures that steal away children under the cover of night; from deadly bio-engineered fleas to a burning teenage desire for cybernetic amputations: Deaf and hard of hearing authors from around the world bring you this fun, though oftentimes disturbing, collection of short fiction.

"So often the future we imagine is homogenous: everyone has the same baseline abilities and there is a presumption that all five senses are the norm. This collection has stories of people accessing new technologies, and people living in worlds where to hear is to be abnormal. There are stories that explore the imposition of language values on the Deaf community and the harm committed in the name of 'help.' And there are stories in which we get to experience how others communicate. A thought-provoking collection." --Farah Mendlesohn

"A Doctor's Confession:  One Man's Memoir of Addiction, Loss, Recovery, and Hope"
by Michael Fredericks, MD, and Susan M. Silver

Guilted by his Italian-Catholic upbringing and grieving the sudden death of his mother, Michael Fredericks easily slips into multiple addictions (vodka, Valium, cocaine, sex), even as he is preparing for a dazzling medical career. 

With a sharp eye for detail and a natural sense of drama, Fredericks recounts in A Doctor's Confession the wretchedness of detox and rehab, the struggle to maintain sobriety, the serial trysts and boyfriends (some of them sociopaths), and the eventual rebuilding of his life. 

His sincerity and the energy of his chi permeate every page of this beautifully crafted memoir about one gay man’s odyssey from success to surrealistic depths to recovery.

Anyone who has struggled with addictions or loss will find this book inspiring. Fredericks gives hope that all of us can overcome our darkest and most difficult obstacles.

Part of our mission at Breath and Shadow is to promote the work of writers with disabilities. In this section, we highlight a few titles written by people who have contributed work to our journal.

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