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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2013 - Vol. 10, Issue 1

"Walking Along"

written by

Rochelle Willis

Walking along the edge.

Gazing at possibilities.

Slowly taking these steps,

I sway to find my footing.


Indefinite, but with stride,

and seeking affirmation,

I am altogether captured

by the reverent form unfolding.


Resisting an impressive urge,

to plunge into what feels true,

I have fallen before, and as they say,

That, is not what kills.


So, here I remain. Myself.

Steady and balanced on this ledge.

On the horizon, moments envisaged,

are waiting to become…


When the timing is right,

with respect to that uncertain state,

disquietude shall cease, and

a new harmony will compose…


Where- I can jump, or rather fall,

and immerse absolutely,

in amity and contentment.

Fulfillment of our course.


What an extraordinary endeavor

we have set out to travel.

The words which brim upon my lips,

simply do not avail,


or impart to you, what I believe,

this journey may reveal. For now…

These words will hold their place

and we will walk on still.

Rochelle Willis is a young entrepreneur, mother of three and the author of, where she writes about the simple truths we all share.

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