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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2013 - Vol. 10, Issue 1

"Oz", "On Kites", and "Lanterns"

written by

Jenna-Nicole Conrad


Kabuki-style reflections,

As only a poet can,

Creased skin like bowing water

Bracken dodging curled sunlight.


Undesired hemispheres--

Self- introspectivity

--Egocentric and wanton

Lives peer through horsehair face masks.





Consider me in the manifestation

Of Escaped Kite falls in love with Telephone Lines

And doesn't hesitate to feel the Rottweiler-shock-collar electrocutions

Before the thought:

"I am closer to Heaven then I was before"





A paper lantern of a girl;

Dim halo hazy, stitched thin by needlework.

A precision seamstress of darker dreams--

Freedom is a luxury, not

A privilege.

Jenna-Nichole is a poet and student from Boston, Massachusetts. She is both highfunctioning autistic and Bipolar-NOS. Although she believes a diagnosis is not a definition of character, she embraces them as a part of her wholeness of self, as a source of creative inspiration, and empowerment.

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