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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2013 - Vol. 10, Issue 4


written by

Abby Ridderhoff

You were a twister

Uprooting the sanity

 Of a pristine little girl

 You ripped the daisies

  From her hair, and gave

  Her instead a mirror, and

   taught her to use it how

  It never should have been

  Used, to tear the

  Reflection limb

 From sorry limb

 Until there was

Nothing but an

Empty husk of

 The beauty that used

  To inhabit every crevice

   Of that sad, sad


Abby Ridderhoff is currently attending high school in Dewitt, Michigan. She is overcoming some mental health disorders, and finds solace in her writing. “Twister” is her first publication, but definitely not her last.

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