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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2010 - Vol. 7, Issue 1

"Goose Gobbles Joy" and "Webs and Razors "

written by

Dorothy Baker

"Goose Gobbles Joy"

The dream drums,

The wind goose comes

The wire tightens

Winter’s hold.

A war blots out the sun.


Beneath the stairwell,

Inside a broken shell,

Grief pounds with cloven hooves

Beside the night.



"Webs and Razors"


Astute as a razor, life demands a close shave.

“Bedazzled” is a euphemism for deceit.

Spider webs falter in a steady breeze, and

The fly eventually catches on to the farce.

A spark of altitude is preferable to a bonfire of defeat.

Benefits await pliable minds.

Opportunities bequeath mixed feelings.

Relinquish control.

Dorothy Baker lives in New England with her life partner. She wrote her first poem at nine in the North Carolina mill village where she was raised and used to actually enjoy the once-yearly snowfall. Her short stories, poems, and a film review have appeared in Breath and Shadow and "Our Toxic Times" newsletter. She enjoys being part of a local fragrance-free writing group. Because she is chemically injured, she is also involved in helping to raise awareness of the health effects of chemicals in common consumer products.

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