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Breath & Shadow

Spring 2010 - Vol. 7, Issue 2


written by

Esté Yarmosh

For Naomi



I wanted a child,

But she didnʼt come. 

You have a lovely little girl here.


They didnʼt tell me youʼd be deaf and

Fucked up.

God didnʼt say so either.

In ancient Greece,

I would have had you

Exposed, as Oedipus was --

Stranded in an open place,

So Nature would swallow you.


But he was a king –

He needed to live. 

You will be no queen.


How could I have gotten

This female Quasimodo?

Your shriveled fist is cement,

Clamped down,

A floppy slab at my touch.  

Your hands are hooks,


Your fingers are spider legs,

Not wine glass stems.


I sink your head below water.


God, please take her back.


The bubbles rise.


No one wants you.


The bubbles stop.


 Especially not me.

Este Yarmosh holds a B.A. in English from Eastern Connecticut State University and she is currently studying for a Master's degree in English at Simmons College. She has Cerebral Palsy. Este's work has appeared in Danse Macabre.

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