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Breath & Shadow

Spring 2009 - Vol. 6, Issue 2

"The Urban Funeral"

written by

Stephanie Green

On a moonlit walk through the cemetery

One is never alone

No more can the weary dead rest in peace

With all this damn racket

Boy-racers zooming past, broken bottles

Clanging on the fence

Drunkards and revelers, stumbling through

Shortcut to the pub

I want to sit awhile, and ponder, and dream

But I am not safe

Peaceful, weed-filled, hopeful, worm-drilled

Graffiti and Epitaphs

Behind the graves of their forefathers

Teenagers shoot up

Serenading their ancestors with the latest iTunes

An elegy of hip-hop

No heed have they for the dead or the poet


They will take their memories someplace else

And I shall write

While the last vestiges of honour float gently away

Into the night

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