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Winter 2021 Issue of Breath & Shadow Available Now!

Issue 1 of Volume 18 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Wait For Rain" by A. Whittenberg -"Entering the Age of Owning it" by Lindsey Morrison Grant -"Blade of Grief" by Annette Gagliardi -"Herd" by Laura Saint Martin -"Disability Dissonance" by Alex Blank

-"The Crab in the Spindle" by Cary W. Tucker -"Argent Allergy" by Keily Blair -"Abandoned Dog Spreads Kindness and Compassion" by Debra J. White -"With Chests Full of Hope" by Avra Margariti -"Waltz" by Mehi Loveski -"The Bird and the Worm" by Adams Rapheal -"The Scratch of the Pen" by Clare Griffin

-"On First Learning About Winslow Homer" by KD Taylor

-"The Problem of Time" by G. D. McFetridge

-"It’s Not Cancer—It’s Fibroids" by Marjory E. Leposky

-"Rituals of Breath" by Eve Rifkah

Unfortunately, we don’t have any fresh publications by our contributors to report for New on The Bookshelf. To discover more published works from our beloved authors, please check out our previous issues!


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