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Summer 2022 Issue of Breath & Shadow Available Now!

Issue 3 of Volume 19 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Nevermore" by Paula Hammond

-"Dordogne" by Christian Ward

-"Suicidality: Neither Solution nor Sin" by Lindsey Morrison Grant

-"Weeds" and "Empty" by Sharmon Gazaway

-"Ida and Richard Forever" by Renee Cronley

-"Kerfuffle: A Novel That Speaks Spoof to Power" reviewed by Denise Noe

-"Posey" by Anastasia Jill

-"Unlost" by Shannon Connor Winward

-"2020: The Year Gluten and Covid Became My Enemies" by Eleni Stephanides

-"My Love Is Pure" and "Space Junk" by Virginia Betts

-"Reverential Notes from a Late Summer in Socorro, New Mexico, 1945" by Nick Hilbourn

-"Shopping Hell" by Judy Lunsford

-"Hermit" by Megan Denese Mealor

-"Lost in Space" by Ginger Gannaway

-"My MS Journey: Recalculating" by Judith Krum

-"I Take This to The Grave" by Emily Kurc

We also have three fresh publications by our contributors in our New on The Bookshelf!

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