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Spring 2021 Issue of Breath & Shadow Available Now!

Issue 2 of Volume 18 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Echo" by Virginia Betts -"A Time of Poppies" by Sharmon Gazaway -"Salvage" by Mark A. Murphy -"Presenting Well: The Mental Health Catch-22" by Lindsey Morrison Grant -"Requiem" by Susan M. Silver

-"Sideswipe" by Susan Eve Haar -"This Fading Flower" by J. Elliott Toren -"On Falling" by Despy Boutris -"Sometime Between Breakfast and Lunch" by Erica Mones -"Fireworks" by Caitlin Cacciatore -"Restraint" by Lisa Reynolds -"Hand Signals" by Carol Farnsworth

-"Necessary Discomfort: A Review of ‘Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories From The 21st Century’" by Chris Kuell

We also have three fresh publications by our contributors in our New on The Bookshelf!


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