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Rest In Peace: Chris Kuell, Editor

Good afternoon friends,

I'm writing with some sad news to break: Chris Kuell, our Editor-in-Chief for ROSC's disability themed literary magazine Breath & Shadow has passed away at 60 years old, surrounded by people who loved him.

As the person who interacted with Chris directly on a regular basis to keep the quarterly issues coming out for Breath & Shadow, I can say from my heart that he will be terribly missed. Chris was just an enormously wonderful, warm human being, and his loss will be felt deeply throughout our community.

After reading his obituary, I wanted to share it with you all because it was written with the utmost love and care, and I couldn't imagine a better way to honor the spirit of all he brought into the world than share these beautiful words: Christopher Kuell passed away on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023, at 60 years of age. He died in his home, surrounded by family members and love. Chris led such a unique and interesting life that it is impossible to represent him in a few short paragraphs. He was born in 1962 in Salem, Massachusetts to Paul and Diana Kuell, one of six children. He was a brilliant and hardworking man, earning his Ph. D. in Chemistry from the University of Vermont in 1990 and working as a research scientist with Ciba Geigy before losing his sight at the age of 35. Although becoming blind due to diabetes completely changed his life, Chris applied his brilliant mind, iron will, and open heart to building a new, beautiful, and independent life. He learned to cook, to travel, to play guitar, to shop, to play board games, and anything else a sighted person could do. He became involved with the National Federation of the Blind, attending and leading events, and collaborating with other blind and visually impaired people to make the world a better place for people with disabilities. He also began writing, publishing articles about life as a newly blind person and blind father, which ignited a passion for the written word that motivated him for the rest of his life. Five years after losing his sight, another major health complication threatened this newly built life. However, his brother David’s decision to donate a kidney to Chris in 2002 saved him. Sadly, David passed away in 2013, but his gift allowed Chris to live another 21 years. When his children were young, Chris dedicated himself to his family - cooking dinner, quizzing his children Nicholas and Grace on multiplication tables while they were in the bathtub, and listening to bedtime books-on-tape at night. As the kids went off to college, Chris pursued a host of other passions. He applied his Chemistry degree to brewing delicious “Blind Wino” brand wine. He began editing Breath and Shadow, a literary magazine dedicated to publishing authors with disabilities. He helped run a monthly book club for friends and members of his community. With his fellow parishioners at Saint James’ Episcopal Church, he prepared food and washed dishes for Dorothy Day, our local soup kitchen. His most recent labor of love was publishing his book, Morris, just a few short months ago. If you want to know something about who Chris was, what he valued, or how he saw the world, you’re in luck - he put his heart and soul into Morris and left it for us to read and re-read whenever we need to be close to him. Chris was an exceptional man who will be remembered as the blind guy who walked his kids back and forth to elementary school, a faithful and dedicated member of St. James’ Church, a fierce advocate for the disabled, marginalized, and disenfranchised. He will be remembered for his quick wit, his passion, his sense of humor. Those who survive him will miss him immensely: his wife, Christine DiMeglio; his children, Grace Kuell, Nicholas Kuell, and daughter-in-law Alexis Willoughby; his siblings: Cathy and Kenny Halchak, Sandra Kuell, Michael Kuell and Jenn Cobb, Jon Kuell and Maureen Buckley; his soul siblings: Tammy Kuell, Lisa Patey, Mike DiMeglio, Scott Keim; his gang of admiring nieces and nephews. To know him was to laugh with him, think with him, lean on him knowing he would always be there, to cry with him, ask his advice, pray with him, talk books or sports or - if you were brave - politics with him. Chris radiated love - love for life, and love for those lucky enough to know him. He will be missed by countless people and in a myriad of ways. We are forever grateful for the gift of knowing Chris Kuell, and for knowing that this wonderful man is now at peace. A service celebrating the life of Chris Kuell was held on March 11, at 11 am, at Saint James’ Episcopal Church, 25 West Street in Danbury CT 06810, with a short reception to follow in the Parish Hall. In lieu gifts of any kind, consider a tax-deductible contribution to Resources for Organizing Social Change (ROSC, PO Box 2444, Augusta, ME 04338-2444), the parent organization for Breath & Shadow ( a quarterly journal of disability culture and literature, where Chris served as editor-in-chief. Include a note with the check that your donation is for Breath & Shadow in memory of Chris Kuell. ROSC is a public 501(c)3 charity. And if you would like to purchase a copy of Morris for yourself or to pass along to a friend - Link to get a copy of Morris: In deep gratitude for all Chris brought to our community and to the world, Sass & Ability Maine


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