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Fall 2021 Issue of Breath & Shadow Available Now!

Issue 4 of Volume 18 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Rubble" by C. A. Francis -"We Need To Talk About Mental Health" by Liz Argall -"Cheering For the Dinosaurs" by Jennifer Lee Rossman -"Fatigue" by Tricia Johnson

-"Dancing Along Fence Lines" by Terry Sanville

-"After Watching the Skeleton Twins Together" by Zach Semel

-"Children of the Sixth Mass Extinction" by Elizabeth Devine -"The Meaning of Silence" by Margaret McDonald

-"Surgery" and "Two Memorable Dawns" by Wesley D. Sims -"On Her Disability" by Jordyn Taylor -"On Golden Sands" by K.G. Delmare -"Leo’s Bite" and "Roar" by Veronica Ashenhurst

-"How The Witches Affected People with Limb Differences" by Denise Noe

We also have three fresh publications by our contributors in our New on The Bookshelf!


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