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Breath & Shadow Fall 2020 Issue is Here!

Issue 4 of Volume 17 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Monster" by Colleen Anderson -"The Unwelcome Destiny of Virginia Monahan" by Jennifer Lee Rossman -"I Got'cha" by Roger Barbee -"Like Me" by Grace Burnham -"Big or Small" by Dona McCormack

-"When You Stop Caring" by Mari-Carmen Marin -"Faux Face" by Susan M. Silver -"There’s No Special Ed at Hogwarts" by Jennifer Lee Rossman -"A Burning Sword" By Ann Chiappetta -"Akathesia" by Natalie Dale -"Of Anxiety" by Keily Blair -"Come This Way, He Said, And I Followed Him" by Judith Skillman

-"The Beast Between Us" by Shiloh Simmons

-"Writing to Be Free and Understood"

A review of ‘The Resilient WriterWheels: Can't Is A Bad Word ‘ by Chris Kuell

-"Forest" by Virginia Betts

-"Ghost Nutrients" by Anatoly Belilovsky

-"It’s Not All in The Family" by Wendy Kennar

-"Ode to Oceans Symphony" and "Gentle Woman" by C.A. Francis

-New on The Bookshelf, featuring two new works!


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