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Breath & Shadow Spring 2020 Issue is Here!

Issue 2 of Volume 17 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Ode to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" by Elizabeth Blackwell -"How to Eulogize Everyone You’ve Ever Loved" by Olivia Bradley -"Free The Sky" by Wendy S. Delmater -"Pink Bleeds Red" by Kate Gough -"Making Every Word Count: A Review" by Ann Chiapetta

-"At Muldoon" by Damian J. Clay -"The Taste of Salt" by Jayne Warren -"Fool’s Gold" by V.F. Thompson -"The Pigeons Paid In Dropped Feathers" by Emily Randolph Epstein -"Keep It Behind Your Teeth" and "Atlas" by Kendall Hertia -"No Need To Get Excited" by DJ Bartel -"Hawking Selection" by Kaz Morran

-"God’s Eyes" by Venetia Sjogren

-"Happily Ever After, Every Now and Then: A Book Review" by Erika Jahneke

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