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Breath & Shadow Winter 2020 Issue is Here!

Issue 1 of Volume 17 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Autism on the Rise" by David Rubin -"Broken Symphony" by Elizabeth Devin -"Echolalia" and "Two Years" by Olivia Swasey -"Flawless" by Ken Allan Dronsfield -"Four Grocery Lists" by Zach Semel

-"Grey" by Elka Scott -"New York City" by Susan M. Silver -"Seeking Shelter" by Amy Heath -"Such a Pretty Girl: A Story of Struggle, Empowerment and Disability Pride- A Book Review" by Erin M. Kelly -"The Garden" by J. Elliott Toren -"The Mad Alphabet Or a Little Trip Down Mnemosyne Lane" by Mehi Loveski -"The Man Who Lived on the Ceiling" by Amanda Dyer

-"The Wishing Tree" and "The Photograph" by Frances Koziar

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