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Breath & Shadow Fall 2019 Issue is Here!

Issue 4 of Volume 16 is now available to read here!

This issue features: -"Broom and Dustpan" by Fay Loomis -"The Space Between Us" by Ariana Hoelscher

-"Masquerading Stranger" by Karen Craig

-"Drown" and "Create" by Elizabeth Devine

-"The Endless Drudgery of Being Alive" by B. Lawrence

-"At Age 18 Weighing 83 lbs" by Casey Cromwell

-"What William Had To Do" by Keith Nunes

-"Grandmother Firebird" by Dawn Vogel

-"A Dog’s Breath" by Ann Chiappetta

-"The Ghosts Who Carry Us" by Elizabeth Devine

-"Forecast: A Downpour of Your Pushback" by Roy A. Barnes

-"The Ghost Who Loved Me" by Susan M. Silver

-"You Ask Me Why I Wear Bright Colors" by Jennifer Bradpiece

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