Breath & Shadow Winter 2019 Issue is Here!

January 15, 2019


Issue 1 of Volume 16 is now available to read here!


This issue features:


-"Some Thoughts on Trigger Warnings" by Chris Kuell
-"In Sorrow Brought Forth" and "A Childhood" by Rebecca Cross

-"Living, As They Do, At the Bottom of The Sea" by Adam Fout
-"Ride with The Heroes" by Kenna Mary McKinnon

-"Deep the Rain Falls" by Elizabeth Devine

-"Glass" by Arriane Tolentino

-"On the Life of Drones" by Nancy Fagan

-"Vajas Kenyer" and "With" by Sarah Varnam

-"Waves" by Nessma A. Elssawy

-"Able-Bodied Pieces of Shit" by Molly Adamson

-"November Rosebud" and "The Unending Sting" by Roy Wahlberg

-"What’s Criminal" by Briana McGuckin


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