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Breath & Shadow Spring 2018 Issue is Here!

Issue 2 of Volume 15 is now available to read here!

This issue features:

-"Lost Self" and "Shadows II" by Casey Clabough

-"Pinstripe Suit and Yellow Wheels" by Ian Duncan

-"Life in Status Epilepticus Or, What to Do When You Think You’re A Jellyfish" by Claire Fitzpatrick

-"Love, Interests" by Emma Gorka

-"The Spare Room" by A.M. Todd

-'It Is What It Is" by Lindsey Morrison Grant

-"Schizolove" by Jennifer (Eisenhauer) Richardson

-"The Seventh Iteration of Albert Poe" by Billy Dennis

-"I Can Handle It" by Rick Blum

-"See Me" by Fae Kayarian

-"King Tut (A Fable)" by Susan M. Silver

-"Multiple Sclerosis" and "Can’t Just" by Karen Craig New on the Bookshelf:

-"The Beauty of Silence" by Glenda Barrett -"Plant A Garden Around Your Life" by Wendy S. Delmater

-"Appalachian Alchemy by Barlow Adams

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