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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2023 - Vol. 20, Issue 1

New on the Bookshelf

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A Short Supply of Viability by Annette Gagliardi

Publisher: The Poetry Box®

ISBN: 978-1-956285-15-4

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “compassion fatigue” as the physical and mental exhaustion and emotional withdrawal experienced by those who care for sick or traumatized people over an extended period of time. Annette Gagliardi’s poetry offers compassion for the compassionate. Her poems are informed by the shift of comfort that occurs with caregivers, from the decision to provide care, to the fatigue and grace of caring for others, then to the grief and relief of saying goodbye. A Short Supply of Viability provides insight, thoughtful consideration of issues, glimpses of those being cared for, and relief from grief. It is a must read and a welcoming balm for anyone faced with becoming a caregiver, whether it be in a professional capacity or taking care of a loved one whose health is declining.

More Info about the Book:

As for Life: A memoir in poetry by Marilyn McVicker

Hickory, NC: “Even in illness, there is life and love; even with exquisite suffering there is exuberance and abundance,” writes Marilyn McVicker in her latest volume of poetry, As for Life,

Awarded an Honorable Mention in North Carolina’s 2020 Lena Shull Book Contest. This volume, published by Redhawk in 2022, is McVicker’s third book. Her most recently published poems have appeared in Kakalak, Kaleidoscope, The Healing Muse, Earth’s Daughters, Speckled Trout Review, Wordgathering, Breath & Shadow, Redheaded Stepchild, Front Porch Review, Red Clay Review, and other journals, magazines and periodicals.

McVicker, a retired music educator and therapist, enjoyed a career as a solo performing flautist in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. She began writing during her high school years and published her first poem in the 1980s while attending the Hopkins Writing Seminars, and actively participating in the Baltimore Poetry Society.

McVicker comments, “I wanted to write the book I wish I could have found. I wanted to give voice to my invisible illness; I wanted to give voice to what it feels like to live with chronic illness.” This manuscript is intensely personal and authentic. Anyone living with chronic illness, their family, friends and caregivers; medical professionals working with the chronically ill or aging; anyone living through the COVID-19 pandemic, who has experienced isolation, wearing a mask, and avoiding others because of the threat of contracting a virus, will be enlightened and touched by her words.

Come see for yourself. Immerse yourself. Be strengthened and inspired by her resilient life.

To purchase As for Life, visit All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Immune Deficiency Foundation, Towson, Maryland,

Applewood Street by Rodger Barbee

Plan B Publishing

Barbee returns to his home street of early childhood to explore the forces that helped make him. He writes of his alcoholic father, loving mother, a caring uncle, and his grandmother. He also examines the lives of mill workers and how the textile industry took its toll on the uneducated and vulnerable workers of his 1950's hometown.

The Camera Obscure and Tourist to the Sun by Virginia Betts Tourist to the Sun is a collection of poetry themed around the relentless march of time. The Camera Obscure is a Collection of strange supernatural and gothic style tales.

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