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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2022 - Vol. 19, Issue 1

"I Am The Tornado"

written by

Kate Meyer-Currey

ADHD is my personal tornado:

I have a whirlwind brain

And a hurricane heart;

Sometimes I’m a twister

Chasing my own tail.

I revolve through life

Scattering debris in

My wake, my anger

A natural disaster.

You can’t forecast

My eruption in advance

As my response to climactic

Conditions is unpredictable,

Driven by the barometric

Pressure of my personal

Circadian rhythms; the

Calm of hyper-focus

Is my still-centre, fearless

In a changing world.

I do not need to chase the storm

It is my tempestuous, untamed self.

Kate Meyer-Currey was born in 1969 and moved to Devon in 1973. A varied career in frontline settings has fueled her interest in gritty urbanism, contrasted with a rural upbringing. Her ADHD also instills a sense of ‘other’ in her life and writing.

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